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Geneva Candle Co

Geneva Candle Co

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Slow burning premium soy wax. Essential oil based fragrances. Lead free cotton wick. Cardboard gift box.

Burn time approx 60 hours

Girls Night Out: Fresh and fragrant Raspberries are combined with notes of green grass, citrus, violet, musk, and sandalwood for a delightfully tangy scent. Smells like too much wine and a good time. Make good choices.

Spa Day: Crisp and clean, your home will be filled with the aroma of lemon, green, jasmine, rosewood, musk, and sandalwood. Smells like zen and tranquility.

Spill the Tea: Fruity and citrus notes intertwine with fresh cut flowers, spice, and coconut cream. Smells like gossip and drama.

Up North: Fresh forest air will fill any room with notes of green, Siberian pine, cedar, and musk. Smells like adventure.

Walking on Sunshine: The aromatic scent of ripe oranges and patchouli will fill your home with notes of Goji Berry and ripe mango. Smells like feeling good.

Bonfire & Beer: Rich and dynamic, with the aromas of mahogany, teakwood, cedarwood, and oak wood. Smells like an accident waiting to happen.




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